What is Fifteen Hats?

Who is Ashley?

Hi there! My name is Ashley and thank you for visiting my blog, Fifteen Hats!  I have always been a fiercely independent person with an entrepreneurial spirit!  While I LOVED the people that I worked with as a CPA after having my son I missed being with him.  So after two years of continuing to work and him going to daycare I decided to take a leap of faith, create my own companies, and work from home!

However, one piece I left out was that I seriously NEVER am able to just sit still.  I ALWAYS find myself volunteering for something, making plans, working, or creating tasks for myself.  I have never been one to just sit down and regularly relax.  I mean even if I’m relaxing, I’m likely finding something else to do in the meantime.  Please let me preface being at home with your child is no walk in the park, don’t let me kid you, but, I was SO used to a scheduled day that I needed more to our days!

This blog and my side businesses are giving me the ability to connect with others that find themselves constantly wearing Fifteen Hats each day, meanwhile, providing myself with a creative and fun outlet!

What is this blog all about?

Fifteen Hats is an online community and blog with a mission to help women everywhere “have it all” while “balancing it all.”  As a group of like-minded women that constantly find themselves pursuing their dreams of motherhood, beauty, fashion, travel, entrepreneurship, and other various hobbies we discuss it all!

Fun facts about Ashley!

  1. Family above all else.

  2. I LOVE wine and coffee!!!!!! Water, who?

  3. I was a competitive ROLLER Figure skater for 10 years and seriously wish I were coaching today!

  4. I am an introverted extrovert.  Does that even make sense to you?  I’m shy until I feel comfortable and then I’m SUPER outgoing.

  5. I love having relaxed girls nights, with wine, where we can just sit and relax.

  6. I was born to live the Stepford wife life.  No not the fake-ish ways, but in a neighborhood with the white picket fence and EVERYone knows everyone!

  7. I hate cooking, like loathe it.

  8. I love junkfood to a fault.  Cookies, s’mores, and ice cream all day every day please!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE personal development books and you will likely hear me talk about them often.

  10. I’ve recently started to really get into makeup and love sharing the tips and tricks I find along the way!