Who is Ashley and Fifteen Hats?


Hi there! I’m FINALLY making myself get around to writing this blog. I’ll start off by saying I’m no English, grammar, or vocabulary whiz so you’ll have to cut me some slack when it comes to all that. I’m a bit better on video, but I really wanted an area to share that wasn’t ONLY video since I know so many learn in different ways.


If you don’t know who I am my name is Ashley I have always been a fiercely independent person with an entrepreneurial spirit! While I LOVED the people that I worked with as a CPA a piece of me was always missing. I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business I just never truly knew what that looked like. So two years after having my son, a bunch of crazy life changes, a move from Florida to Chicago, and I decided to take a leap of faith, create my own company, and work from home!

Fifteen Hats came about because I am always on the go doing something. I rarely find it easy to just sit and relax and I usually find myself multitasking, even if it is to my detriment at times.

So this blog is for you if you are the type who lays in bed trying to get some ZZZ’s and your brain goes something like this:

  • Did I finish my to do list today?

  • Check the baby monitor 10x, “Yep, still sleeping.”

  • Oh darn, I forgot to call XYZ.

  • Man my neck hurts

  • Did I sign Parker up for swimming today?

  • Shoot I forgot my retainers.

  • I need to make that chicken salad recipe.

  • Tomorrow I need to go to the grocery and Target.

  • I need to check the fire detector batteries.

  • I should look into at home exercises.

  • Did I check the front door was locked?

  • I should make those cute sensory bottles with Parker.

The list could literally go on and on and on. True story, that was in-fact one of my nights a couple months ago as I wrote down every idea that popped into my head.

Fifteen Hats is for women who are interested in beauty, fashion, travel, mom life, and running their own business or improving their job skills. One could call it a Lifestyle Blog of sorts. An online community and blog with a mission to help women everywhere “have it all” while “balancing it all.” As a group of like-minded women that constantly find themselves pursuing their dreams of motherhood, beauty, fashion, travel, entrepreneurship , and other various hobbies we discuss it all and I’m really excited to have you along for the journey.